1000 Drinking Games Set

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<p>This set is a great ice breaker for smaller groups of 2-11 people Sometimes to warm up the group you need a little help and this game will be sure to help you turn up. With over a 1000 games there will never be a lack of an opportunity to get turnt!</p>
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<p><span style="color: #ff0000;">Turn up Tip: Play with at least 3 people with at least one being the opposite gender</span></p>
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<p>Each Set includes</p>
<li>10 Game Concept Cards</li>
<li>10 Plot Twist Cards</li>
<li>10 Next Round Cards</li>
<li>1 Categories Card</li>
<li>1 Tongue Twisters Card</li>
<li>11 Numerical Rank Cards</li>
<li>2 Chug! Cards</li>
<li>1 Spinner</li>
<li>3 Dice, 2 Regular and 1 Drink Assignment</li>
<p>And of course instructions!!</p>