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Party Aid

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Party Aid


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Nutrition Facts
Help combat the run down feeling you experience after a wild night of partying. Party aid is stacked with all kinds of vitamins and nutrients to help you feel recharged quickly and effortlessly. Great for a weekend warrior!! It tastes just like a Flintstone vitamin. This drink is also good for helping you get into a party mood before a night out ;)
Manufacturer’s Recommended Dose: Drink one before a heavy night of drinking and one before bed to help combat the feelings of a hangover. Works even better to combat the negative effects of a “rave comedown”
Turn Up Tip: You can maximize your Party Aid by splitting one can into two equal half can servings. It won’t be as effective as the manufacturer’s recommended dose but it’ll be enough to make any recovery process a little easier
If you want larger quantities send an email to with the subject “Party aid” and we’ll hook you up

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